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•  Length and stroke: 250×75 mm

•  Weight: 450g without spring

•  Spring not included



The new Öhlins TTX22M.2 shock is an upgraded version of the proven TTX22. It’s made to tackle the most demanding trails. The colour of shock body changes from black to grey, for improved aesthetics.
The Öhlins TTX22M.2 shock offers better performance thanks to a redesigned bottom buffer. This improvement helps increase mid-stroke control and reduces the risk of bottoming out.
In addition, the firmness of ‘trail mode’ has been reinforced to reduce energy loss during the steepest climbs.
Finally, the rebound adjuster has been reworked to make coil spring replacement easier. The Twin Tube (TTX) design is still present, offering the ability to separately adjust high and low speed compression as well as rebound.
Technical specifications:
•  Length and stroke: 250×75 mm
•  Bushes: 30×8 / 30×8
•  Internal settings: Rebound R30 / Compression DR80
•  HIgh speed compression adjustment: 3 clicks
•  Low-speed compression adjustment: 16 clicks
•  Re bound adjustment: 7 clicks
•  Weight: 450g without spring
•  Spring not included



210×55, 230×65, 250×75