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Öhlins TTX22M


•  Springs: 411LBS, 343LBS, 320LBS,

•  Length and stroke: 230x65mm



The TTX22M simply represents what ÖHLINS knows how to do best in terms of DH shocks. It features low-speed rebound settings, high and low-speed compression, and a lightweight steel coil spring to keep the weight down.
The objective of this shock is clear: to lower the lap times. And alongside exceptional reliability you get one of the best shocks on the market.
Technical specifications:
•  Length and stroke: 230x65mm
•  Bushings: 20×8 / 30×10
•  Internal settings: Rebound R10 / Compression C20
•  High speed compression adjustment: 3 clicks
•  Low-speed compression adjustment: 16 clicks
•  Rebound adjustment: 7 clicks
•  Weight: 450g without spring
•  Spring 411LBS



320lbs, 343lbs, 411lbs